Two worlds

A unique blend between the world of a deaf dancer and that of a hearing dancer, with a remarkable talent to communicate with all sorts of audiences and all age groups.

The chemistry and charisma created between the two dancers exhilarates the viewers.

The performance, which is interactive, is appropriate for all types of audiences.

Beyond the artistic experience, the performance conveys a very significant message – that everything is possible.

In this performance, conveyed in a fascinating and unique manner, the audience encounters a new world – the world of silence, dance, pantomime and sign language, used daily by the deaf dancer Amnon Damti and his partner, Jill Damti-Feingold.

The performance is accompanied by special, moving narrative. Both dancers communicate with the audience through an exceptional movement-dialogue that takes place on stage.

In addition to the high quality dance, the audience receives the important message that we actually have no limits, that anything is possible, that our full potential lies within ourselves, even if we have external limitations:

That one can be deaf but very attentive

That music can be seen and felt

That underneath we are all equal


Amnon and Jill perform all over Israel (and abroad) for diverse audiences – schools, community centers, special events, the Israeli Army and as a special project – in all prisons in Israel.

Jill and Amnon are Ambassadors of culture and acceptance to Israel/

They have performed in many countries around the world and participated in various festivals: in the White House in Washington D.C., Paraguay, Moscow and other cities in Russia, Germany, Paris, London, Wales and Panama.

The performance is accompanied with sign language done by Jill and can be narrated in English, Hebrew or Arabic. Length of the performance 45-60 min., suitable for all ages and any type of audience.