The dancers

Jill & Amnon Damti

The dancers

Jill & Amnon Damti

Jill Damti Feingold – Narrator and Dancer

Was born in the U.S.A., one of seven children, to adventurous parents. Evolved from the world of gymnastics and water ballet ; Taught gymnastics and jazz for many years.

Has a degree in Film Making and Television; from Tel-Aviv University Jill is a founder of “The First International Student Film Festival” Is a narrator and actress.

Amongst others, she served in the Israeli Army as an officer dealing with juvenile delinquents. Jill is multi-creative.

Joined Amnon’s Chushihi” (Sixth Sense) troupe, and composed the “Two Worlds” performance with him

Was awarded assorted awards with Amnon.

Amnon Damti – Dancer and Choreographer

The son of Yemenites who immigrated to Israel by foot. “Despite being born deaf, and having a particularly difficult childhood, he has grown beyond his physical and environmental limitations in every sense, to become not only an extraordinary dancer, but a talented artist, with a pure soul, a natural joy and optimism which glow on those surrounding him.”

One of the establishers of the “Kol Udmama” (Sound and Silence) troupe – Lead dancer of the troupe for 15 years.

Received the prestigious Kinor David (David’s Violin) Award

Established the “Chushihi” (Sixth Sense) troupe, and composed the “Two Worlds” performance with Jill Feingold

Received the “Gold Cylinder” award with Jill

Performed for the president of the US in the White House

Was awarded, with Jill, the “Persons of the Year” award, in the area of dance

Was titled “Best International Deaf Dancer”, Washington D.C

Amnon & Jill give workshops, and have been creating choreographies for many years: for dance instructors, deaf children, sign-language choirs, acting schools, musicals etc.

Amnon & Jill have performed and been interviewed many times on Israeli television, as well as for BBC London and on a local channel in Washington DC.

SA documentary movie about Amnon and Jill was filmed over a period of four years, with the crew following them everywhere, practically “living” with them – from the getting-up in the morning, to the performances abroad. The film is projected in combination with a live discussion with the artists. ( View a short trailer )

Amnon & Jill were active creators of a documentary movie about the “Lost Yemenite Children”. In addition to their artistic dance pieces, Jill was assistant director to the film and wrote the lyrics to the theme song, which was performed by Rami Kleinstein. This film, too, is projected in combination with a live discussion with the artists.

Amnon has repetitively been invited to Gallaudet, in Washington D.C., the largest university for the deaf, to create choreographies and participate in international performances.